Natural baits spoil quickly producing rancid odors that negatively impact the Bite!  Freezing your baits does not prevent degradation of bait quality. Bait Performance Maximizer should be used in combination with all baits to maximize their effectiveness, with the added benefit of providing additional Bite Triggers to your baits.  If you are freezing eggs in advance of the Salmon/Steelhead season, add this to your curing process and notice the performance difference.  Our formula is extremely potent and a light sprinkle is all you need.  Add 1 teaspoon/pint for liquid brines.  One bottle will last most anglers an entire season.  Analagous to adding citric acid to fruits when you can them to keep them from turning brown from oxidation.  Bait oils are among the most sensitive to degradation processes and methods to preserve their integrity are well worth your consideration.

Bait Performance Maximizer

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