RodBuster Baits Origins

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest 20+ years ago I was immediately diagnosed with salmon/steelhead fever and knew I'd take this affliction to my grave.  Learning the ropes was pretty frustrating when my rod was the poster child for the shortest distance between two points.  To make things worse, some guy down the river would be regularly hooking up.  It was bent rod envy that put me on the path of discovering better bite triggers.

I received my PhD from Texas A&M University and have been studying how hormones control biology.   Using this knowledge to get chromers interested in my eggs was one of my better decisions in life!  It took the better part of 10 years to optimize the NextGen Egg Cure and Bait Powder formulas now offered by RodBuster Baits.  I've (gladly) spent countless hours on the water optimizing these formulas so you can focus on what's important...having your rods shattered by angry fish! 


Despite low numbers of returning fish, anglers using my formula still manage to have good seasons and we can say with confidence that our products perform exceptionally well under the toughest conditions.  

Tom Weber

Owner RodBuster Baits

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