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Tom is an egg curing genius! This cure is going to surprise everyone, when it comes to catching salmon it’s the only egg cure I’ll use!

Adam Geddes

Adam's Northwest Fishing Adventures


I fished the bank of the Columbia River with Next-Gen Egg Cure.  We arrived a little late probably between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m.  The other bank fishermen already had taken the known locations on the bank.  There were at least 3 groups of 2-3 people.  We figured we would try upriver.  Drift boats were also working through the area.  The two of us had our limit of 6 by noon.  One group in the better location had one.  As we walked out, everyone asked what we were using.  Everyone was using eggs.  We were the only ones using RodBuster Baits Next-Gen Formula.  

John, Kennewick, WA

The salmon run on the Columbia River in 2018 was the worst in my 20 years of fishing the river. But using eggs by Rodbuster Baits, 2018 was, by far the best year I ever had fishing the Columbia River. Bites all day long. Day after day. Crazy good stuff!

I also committed to taking my niece and nephew out fishing for first time on the Columbia River in 2018. Making little people happy produces serious pressure to hook up and having to do it in a year with one of the poorest returns on record didn't help. Rodbuster Baits salmon eggs produced steady bites and big smiles all day!!!!

Shane A. West Richland, WA

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